Transportation – mobility – is becoming Austin’s Achilles’ Heel.

Everyone knows traffic is a problem. We are paying enormous amounts of our region’s public, business, and household budgets for transportation, and all of this contributes to Austin’s reputation as “unaffordable.”

The Mobility Challenge moves Austin in a better direction.

Austin area traffic during morning and evening commutes is bad, and getting worse. The transportation system cannot handle all the people who are traveling at the same times, in the same directions, especially when most of these people are driving alone. There simply isn’t enough space on our roads. The Mobility Challenge is an invitation to employers to help change the math by encouraging better use of mobility solutions.

The mobility solutions initiative can benefit everyone:

  • It can give people a way to save money and allow them to do more with the time they used to spend sitting in traffic.
  • It can help businesses reduce facility costs (parking and office space) and gain healthier, happier, more productive employees.
  • It can allow the public sector to shift millions of dollars each year from infrastructure to other services.

For commuters, employers are a necessary partner. They set work hours, allow flexibility around when and where work is performed, and their facilities’ operations promote some commute options over others. As businesses accept the Mobility Challenge and implement mobility solutions more strategically, everyone wins.


In order to improve mobility and keep Austin a great place to live and work, the City of Austin is teaming up with mobility experts at Movability Austin and The Thrival Company  to provide employers with the tools, training, and consulting support to build and grow mobility programs that will get more of their employees out of traffic and enjoying mobility options.

Employers will pledge to promote mobility options by 2020 because doing so will make their businesses stronger, reduce costs, and support growth.

Employees will choose mobility options – cycling, flex schedules, ride sharing, transit, telework, and more – because they can save money, save time, or just to get away from the daily hassles of traffic.

Join us today by accepting the Mobility Challenge. Make the pledge to make a difference.

Join us by taking the pledge and becoming a part of the Mobility Challenge.

How Can My Business Participate?

Be a part of the solution! Take the pledge; get the tools and training to learn how mobility solutions can help your business succeed.