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Offer employee benefits to encourage cycling to work; Learn how Austin B-Cycle can help your bottom line!

If you live in an urban area, chances are at least half of your employees live within bikeable distance to your offices. And, if your employees travel mostly during peak hours, travel times can be greatly reduced by cycling.

By starting a cycle to work program, your employees will save both time and money. When comparing the cost of riding a bike to driving a car, the difference is staggering—2,900 percent! And, that’s just the money that your employees would save. Your company would also benefit by a reduced demand in parking.

What could be more significant? Well, consider health. If employees spent their mornings and afternoons cycling instead of sitting stationary behind the wheel, they can benefit hugely in terms of weight loss and lowering the risk of heart disease—that means spending less time away from the office due to illness. Also, consider the environment. Less cars on the road mean a reduction in carbon emissions, which also leads to greater health! Plus, being a better environmental steward means you have better brand value. Get ahead of the competition by taking action to care for your employees, the community, health and the environment.


How can you as a business support cycling? 

There are many ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Install bike racks outside your offices or provide your employees another place to store their bikes during business hours safely and securely.
  • Provide lockers and access to a shower for those that bike to work. If a shower in the building is not an option, reimburse employees on the cost of a membership to a nearby gym where they can shower before coming to work.
  • Offer discounts to bike shops.
  • Host bike safety or bike maintenance seminar at your business. You can hold over lunch hour and many local nonprofits or bike shops will come in and train your employees for free or discounted rates.
  • Hold contests between groups to motivate competition and encourage cycling. Give away cool prizes like bike helmets and discounts on new bikes.
  • Purchase a number of bicycles and store them at your business for your employees to check out and use for errands during lunch hour or to get to and from meetings.
  •  Provide your employees free memberships or reimbursements on a bike share program like Austin’s B-Cycle. B-Cylces are easy to use. Find a station, grab a bike and go! (More info below).
  • Celebrate Bike to Work Day! Show appreciation to employees who cycle to work by acknowledging and rewarding their efforts on the annual Bike to Work Day in May.

To learn more of the benefits of a cycle to work program, check out the infographic by the Reliance Foundry.


Are you ready to take the next step? 

Click here to join the mobility challenge and get free consulting support paid for by the City of Austin and Capital Metro to build your mobility program.

Austin BCycle

Want a way to encourage more of your employees to ride a bike to work? Offer them a free ride! Austin B-cycle is a bike sharing service for Austin, Texas. With a network of 24/7 on-demand bicycle stations through out downtown, they provide a fast and easy way to navigate the city core.

For only $80/year annual members of BCycle can ride to and from work without the need to purchase and maintain a bike of their own.

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