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My Pledge: My organization accepts the challenge of ensuring that at least 20% of our employees use sustainable mobility options (by 2020) so the transportation system we have can work more efficiently for everyone.

To support the successful participation of my organization, I will:

  • Provide Point of Contact: Assign a point of contact to lead our efforts and interface with the consulting team.
  • Conduct a Survey: Administer a commute survey utilizing the template provided by the consulting team.  I may also choose to have the consulting team administer the survey on my behalf. I will encourage all employees to respond to the survey in order to gain a full understanding of how many employees use mobility options.
  • Develop a Mobility Plan: In partnership with the consulting team, develop a Mobility Plan that outlines a three-to-five-year strategy to expand sustainable mobility options for our employees. The Mobility Plan will document baseline commute mode split, existing mobility options, and mobility options to be implemented in the future.
  • Participate in Annual Mobility Certification Process: Conduct an annual commute survey and update the Mobility Plan to document latest commute mode split and implementation progress on mobility strategies. Participation earns our company a certificate recognizing our efforts.

Movability Austin Pledge: To support your integration of sustainable mobility as a business strategy, the consulting team (Movability Austin and Thrival Company) will provide:

  • Consulting: At no cost to your company, we will provide a Mobility Plan that outlines a three-to-five-year strategy to expand sustainable mobility options for your employees. We can provide on-going support with expertise on mobility solutions, telework, alternative work schedules, and business strategy planning.
  • Toolkit/Training: A mobility toolkit will be available to you, which provides all the basic resources to build effective mobility programs, including training webinars.
  • Recognition: Public recognition for your achievement may include: media events, news articles, social media spotlights, and a Mobility Certificate to recognize your company’s progress.
  • Networking: Access to an active network of organizations working toward the same mobility goals, leading to opportunities to leverage resources and to learn from others’ experiences.

I pledge to join the 2017 Mobility Challenge