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Most people are frustrated by Austin’s traffic, and who can blame them? It’s unpredictable, wasting time and crushing the Austin buzz. It also has long-term impacts on health and wellness. But fewer people agree on the solutions, want to spend the billions upon billions of dollars required, or even think building massive amounts of new infrastructure is the best use of resources.

One solution that is gaining momentum can help us make significant progress now, by changing how and when commuters travel.

The Mobility Challenge, a partnership with the City, Capital Metro, TxDOT, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin +Social Good, RideScout, The Thrival Company, and Movability Austin is offering employers assistance to change their commute arrangements with their employees.

Last week, Mayor Adler and the Austin Chamber hosted a Mobility Challenge breakfast to introduce the initiative to 70 of the area’s largest employers.

“We are making progress everyday on our city’s mobility challenges,” Mayor Adler said. “However, during rush hour we will continue to face challenges, and we need to get more people using more of the available options. That is why we are here talking to you, the business leaders in this community. If you engage, other companies will also begin to follow your lead. Acting now will make a difference for some of your employees, and before long, we can make a real difference together for all of our commuters.Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 11.11.01 AM

Gene Austin, Austin Chamber’s outgoing chair and CEO of BazaarVoice, spoke about accepting the challenge last year. BazaarVoice is now offering flexibility to employees to “come in after and leave before” traffic gets bad, and they do meetings and teamwork between 9:30am and 3:00pm. “This didn’t cost us a thing, employees appreciate the flexibility, and we are as productive as ever.”

Tony Budet and Heather McKissick profiled the work that University Federal Credit Union has been doing to give employees in all their locations better commute options. Heather summarized with this advice:

  • Start with people where they are, not where you want them to be
  • Be ready to be disruptive
  • Preserve culture before all else
  • Long-term change requires long-term thinking and investment
  • Rely on the Mobility Challenge consultants!

“We are here to serve the well-being of the community, and we are committed to this initiative because it is a positive step in creating a healthier community and it’s a way we can be good corporate citizens,” McKissick, UFCU’s vice president of organization development and human resources said. “We are also committed to our employees, and we want people who work for us to be healthy, be happy, be stress-free and enjoy their work lives as much as possible.”

Click here to see the full UFCU presentation.

Join the businesses and organizations who are stepping up with wins for Central Texas, for their companies, and for their employees. Changing how your employees commute is a solution for mobility in Central Texas, but it also gives your company tools to address significant cost centers. With one simple employee survey, we can show you that a lot of your employees will be interested in having options besides getting stuck in traffic.

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