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We know from the Austin Chamber of Commerce research with the Texas Transportation Institute that:

  • Building more roads and infrastructure alone will not solve the traffic problems we have now, much less the congestion that is coming.
  • We need to reduce “drive alone” travel, particularly during rush hours where work commutes are the biggest portion of the traffic.

Getting employees to their work place is critical for business and the economic vitality of this region. That is why we are asking all area employers (from the public and private sectors) to voluntarily commit to 20% reduction in drive alone commutes to work.

That is also why the partners forming this initiative have committed to make sure you get free help to succeed once you have made the pledge.

  • You get access to easy-to-use tools that are detailed enough that you can plug and play employee surveys, HR policies, training for managers and employees, promotional tools, contacts to arrange transit discount passes and most other services, and much more.
  • You get training in which key staff can participate directly or view as a webinar at their convenience helping you understand how to use the toolkit, prepare for Mobility Week, set up metric and evaluations, even begin to integrate mobility solutions into your business plans.
  • Finally, our communications team will make sure you get promotions and have a chance to share your successes with the world, or at least Central Texas.

This is the beginning of a new journey for Central Texas as we become more urban in how we handle growth, and enable even more people to use active and efficient urban travel options like riding buses and trains where available, bicycling or walking short distances, car-pooling or ride sharing for longer distances.


From the Austin Chamber’s research we know we need to reduce “drive alone” commuting by roughly 40% region wide to keep up with our growth and hold congestion at close to current levels.

But this pledge is a voluntary commitment to try to reduce commutes by 20%. As you survey employees to understand how they are commuting now and use other planning tools we provide, you will discover you already have a lot of employees using options. You may also discover that there are another 15% curious or interested in using mobility options. As you use the toolkit and the trainings, you will understand how to tailor HR benefits, train staff, offer mobile work or transit pass options, and much more to help many of these employees.

That’s great and that’s success as far as we are concerned.

When you continue next year and the next you will discover that momentum grows as cultures shift, but you will also begin to see business advantages that will make it easier for the company to invest more.


Movability Austin is a great resource if you want to explore options on your own.

If you want more assistance than that, the 20/20 Mobility Challenge is designed to help your employer become a great resource for information and help. Ask your employer to sign the pledge; we then provide them training and an employer toolkit with pretty much everything they will need to make it as easy and attractive to use options as it now is to drive into work.

Either way sign up for Mobility Week so that you can get information on activities and events, and you can be counted in the collective effort to improve mobility in Central Texas.

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