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Read the 2015 Mobility Week report here

Mobility Week is our call to action for all businesses and community members: help reduce traffic through mobility solutions. Carpools, public transit, telework, and biking are just a few of the many ways you can help reduce traffic in Central Texas. During this week of collective effort, you can make a difference by taking alternative forms of transportation instead of driving alone.

During the week of November 2nd-6th individuals as well as companies and their employees will try different commuting options, program ideas, and even steps to promote changing how they commute.

Some public and private employers already have well established commute programs. For others this will be a completely new thing. Either way, the 20/20 Mobility Challenge is designed to set your company up with easy-to-use tools and training. Then Mobility Week is your chance to play, pilot, and experiment or just try new things. These Mobility Week special offers can help!

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Mobility Week is a chance to experiment, but it will also provide employers with real information on employee interest, what works, and how much time, staff, and other resources they will need to succeed with their pledge.

What we know:

  • Building more roads and infrastructure alone will not solve the traffic problems we have now, much less the congestion that is coming.
  • We need to reduce “drive alone” travel, particularly during rush hours where work commutes are the biggest portion of the traffic. Getting employees to their work place is critical for business and the economic vitality of this region. That is why we are asking all area employers (from the public and private sectors) to voluntarily commit to 20% reduction in drive alone commutes to work.

This will begin a journey for Central Texas to become more urban in how we handle growth, and enable even more people to use active and efficient urban travel options like riding buses and trains where available, bicycling or walking short distances, car-pooling or ride sharing for longer distances.


  • Lots of people trying new commutes to work
  • Stories of individual companies and their employees
  • Social Media abuzz with personal triumphs and experiences
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