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According to the latest traffic study conducted by the Texas Transportation Chamber_5_pointsInstitute and contained in the 2013 Central Texas Mobility Report from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, there is no single answer to address the traffic challenges we are facing. We cannot build our way out of congestion. Austin now has the fourth worst traffic in the country. By 2035, commuting times today will double and every major regional roadway could look like I-35 today.

But we do have a solution. The same study also showed that if employers adopt a multi-faceted approach to managing their workforce, we can not only stop congestion from worsening but reduce it to lower than levels you experience today. The goal is to reduce employee drive-alone trips during peak hours by 20 percent by the year 2020, utilizing mobile work, flex time, commute solutions (such as bus, rail, carpool), and encouraging employees to live closer to work.

The Business Case for a Mobile Workforce

Organizations all over the United States but especially here in the Austin area are already embracing these solutions because they improve recruitment and retention of employees, reduce real-estate and facilities operating costs, and improve productivity.

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To set your organization up for success, we provide assistance as you integrate Mobility with your business strategies:

  • Toolkit/Training: provides all the basic resources to build effective mobility programs and training webinars available 24/7 to personnel on a variety of topics.
  • Consulting services: schedule one-on-one support from our consulting team with expertise on commute solutions, telework, alternative work schedules, and business strategy planning to help tailor mobility solutions to your business plans.
  • Recognition: public recognition at Mobility Challenge media events, in news articles, via social media and other venues promoting your efforts and participation. Annual Mobility Certification to recognize your mobility achievements.
  • Networking: Involvement in an ongoing network of organizations that are working toward the same goal to learn and leverage resources.

“This initiative is a win for the entire community,” said Gene Austin, 2015 Chairman of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Bazaarvoice. “Chamber research has shown that building new, multi-modal transportation capacity alone will not solve our region’s congestion. Businesses can and should lead the way in addressing our transportation challenge. Bazaarvoice is proud to be an early adopter of the 20/20 Mobility Solutions initiative, and we encourage employers to join us in making a profound impact on our community.”


A few facts you may not know…

  • The top industries offering mobility opportunities include healthcare, information technology  (including banking), education, government, nonprofit and philanthropy, and sales and marketing (Best Workplaces for Commuters).
  • Commute solutions (rideshare, transit, etc.) can save you money by reducing costs for parking and mileage and reducing or eliminating the need for a company fleet, and opening up more short-term parking spaces for customers and other needs.
  • Wells Fargo reports that 80% of its customers use mobile or web access, reducing the need for brick-and-mortar real-estate – and that trend continues to grow.
  • One study found that 36% of employees would choose telework over a pay raise and a poll of 1,500 technology professionals revealed that 37% would take a pay cut of 10% if they could work from home. (Source: Global Workplace Analytics)
  • Employees commuting more than 20 miles to work are “at risk” for changing employment to a company closer to home as health risk indicators increase significantly. Mobility solutions can provide these employees with relief from their long commute.
  • Real-estate savings can be immense when you allow people to work in a more mobile environment. Sun Microsystems saved $68 million a year in real estate costs by moving to shared work spaces and telework.

Take the pledge and receive access to a mobility toolkit including more than $25,000 of resources to get you started and build your organization’s program using a menu of all your mobility options in a way that works for your business.

“We must all work together to reduce congestion in Austin,” said Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell. “The 20/20 Mobility Solutions initiative is one of the ways to help…I’m proud of the unique partnership between the City and the business community to address our transportation challenges. Through this collaboration, we hope to change the way Austinites commute and increase mobility.”

By signing the Mobility Challenge Pledge your organization agrees to:

  • Designate a Point of Contact: Assign a point of contact to lead our efforts and interface with the Mobility Challenge consulting team.
  • Share Information: Provide data (via surveys or other routes) about your employees for baseline data on commute behaviors in order for the consultants to provide the most value to our organization and identify the best solutions available short and longer-term for my organization on mobility.
  • Develop a Strategy: Assign a team to help with development of an implementation plan that integrates mobility solutions with your three to five year business strategies for environmental footprint reduction, cost savings, employee satisfaction and retention, and real-estate assets management.
  • Participate in Mobility Week: Participate in Mobility Week (November 2-6) by encouraging your employees to use mobility options, potentially piloting a new program that works for our business, and reporting employee participation during that week.
  • Participate in annual Mobility Certification: Conduct and report (1) implementation evaluations State_of_Transportationand (2) annual employee commute behaviors to receive a Mobility certificate documenting your progress.


What do I receive for taking the pledge?

  • Toolkit/Training: A mobility toolkit that provides all the basic resources to build effective mobility programs and training webinars available 24/7 to personnel on a variety of topics
  • Recognition: Public recognition at media events, in news articles, via social media and other venues promoting our efforts and participation
  • Networking: Involvement in an ongoing network of organizations that are working toward the same goal to learn and leverage resources
Take the Pledge Today

Participate as a business

Be a part of the solution! Take the pledge; get the tools and training to learn how mobility solutions can help your business succeed.